Fashionable, Functional and Affordable Adaptive Clothing & Accessories

The inspiration for founding this company is a little boy named Matthew, better known as Matty. Matty was born prematurely on July 6, 1990 and was later diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Matty has limited use of his arms and legs and must depend on others for all aspects of daily living. Anyone with a disability or who has a child with one is well aware of the physical and emotional obstacles that must be overcome. Due to the fact that most infant clothing is designed for easy accessibility, it was not difficult to find clothes for Matty when he was a baby. However, as Matty grew the search was on to find clothing that was easy to use, comfortable, and what every child looks for, fashionable. The idea for AbleApparel was born in a school parking lot. Mary Ann, Matty's mother asked Marie if she knew anyone who could make adaptable clothing for Matty that looked stylish. Mary Ann was full of ideas due to the fact that she is so involved with the Cerebral Palsy foundation and is sensitive to the needs of both children and adults with disabilities. Marie introduced Mary Ann to Donna, a clothing designer. Donna was able to turn Mary Ann's long awaited ideas into reality. These three women decided that there were many people who would benefit from a line of clothes designed specifically for the disabled and elderly. It is also their goal to price these items so that people who are on a fixed income can afford them. Too often the price of customized clothing is out of reach for those who need it the most. The first item designed is the Waterproof Breathable Bib, which is called a Matty. The Matty is absorbent and the backing is waterproof and breathable. This will keep the wearer from becoming cold, damp, and wet. The Matty comes in various colors which can blend with whatever anyone is wearing, and ranges in size from a child's small to an adult's extra large. AbleApparel has designed a line of beautiful polar fleece jackets. From the front they look like any other jacket. However, they have been designed with a wider armhole for easy accessibility, a longer zipper, and a VELCRO Brand closure in the back. The jacket has also been cut to hip length so anyone sitting in a wheelchair can sit comfortably. Sizes range from a child's small to an adult's extra large. There are two types of pants thus far, sweatpants and cargo pants. Both of these have invisible zippers on the inside leg which extend approximately two inches above the knee to accommodate any orthotics the wearer may require. The pants are also designed with a large inseam so people can sit comfortably. Adult pants also have a VELCRO Brand closure fly front. Sizes range from a child's small to an adult's extra large. AbleApparel is always designing and creating new products that will make Matty's life and others with disabilities a little easier. Most of the people spoken to regardless of age want to be able to wear clothes that are functional, affordable and, above all, fashionable. So once again able to wear clothing is AbleApparel.